Yes this is me, Rose from Erawtica. This was my debut in front of the camera. I wanted to capture the complex feelings of being born again. Awakening to my own sensual power and sexual liberation. It has taken refinement through fire to begin to discover.

Sarah White Black

The are very few people in the world who just get what you are dreaming in your head. Sarah White Black is such a human. Her power, beauty, and resilience are matched by her fierce advocacy for her community. Sarah wrote and created the music in her film as a gift for her community. I am a… Continue reading Sarah White Black


“First step into motion, rather than just stagnant modeling, as my ongoing visual proclamations of disability and sexuality. Thanks for joining me on this public adventure. Proceed with caution of the spice in this clip.” – Trista Marie  Creating with Trista was a dream collaboration. She came with power and fire and things got HOT!


The collaboration of a lifetime. As a fellow producer and cinematographer, Rococo came with the vision and heart for this film. Photographed in an original 1900’s train car, Rococo leaves us wanting a whole lot more.


I feel so fortunate to have collaborated with Cheryl. She’s so beautifully kind, funny, and flexible (pun intended!). We created this soft, surreal, shape-shifting film that I hope you enjoy.


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