Content Limitations

We’re creating erotic films that are driven by our on-screen collaborators. The spectrum is vast and wide, and who are we to tell you what turns you on? If you’re into it, chances are we’re into it, within the following (non-exhaustive) limits:

Prohibited Themes:

• Alcohol and drug related non-consensual sexual acts
• Autopsy and sexual acts with deceased persons
• Bodily excretions
• Child porn
• Extreme violence or gore
• Hypnosis involving sexual activity
• Kidnapping/abduction
• Non-consensual sexual acts
• Racism
• Rape
• Self-mutilation
• Sexual acts with non-human animals
• Sleeping involving sexual activity
• Snuff
• Suffocation
• Underage sexual content
• Urination
• Weapons

Prohibited Terms:

•Blacked out