In the cis white male-centric world of porn, we want to be and represent something different. Rose, Erawtica’s founder, believes in hearing and seeing from others’ points of view. Celebrating sensuality as a force for liberation.

In action, Rose oversees all content creation, collaborative relationships, cinematography, and editing of all projects.

We love and hold to this definition by Dr. David Ley:

“I talk about ethical porn in two ways, regarding its production, and its use: In terms of production, ethical porn is a media where the performers are paid a fair wage for their work, treated with dignity and respect, not expected to engage in acts against their will, and where sexuality is recognized as a diverse, individual experience. Ethical porn also represents the wide diversity of sexual experiences and desires, from LGBT porn, to feminist-focused porn, to porn involving a wide mix of body types. Ethical porn can be as hot and hard-core as any other material, but you can watch knowing the performers are engaging in behaviors they enjoy, from a place of consent.

Another way to think about it is to consider the idea of ‘mindful’ porn use—where a user of porn has considered what porn means in their life, what role they want it to hold, and is using porn in a conscious, considered way that’s consistent with their values. I often describe this as a form of sexual integrity, where our sexual behaviors don’t generate moral conflicts, because they are in line with our consciously considered moral values.”

We work with everyday humans. People embracing their sensual liberation. A few examples:

•Social media content creators
•Personal membership content creators (eg, Only Fans)
•Sex educators
•Owners of erotic businesses

We work closely with local sex workers who have graciously taught us how to honor their power. Sex work is healing work and we stand for its decriminalization.