Spaces In Between


PRICE $11.00

Featuring Moon Queen & Roderick


Living in this body, I find often, I am crawling to escape. Escape this home in soft skin.
This heart, in warm blood.
Melting for just a moment, feels like alchemy.
A resurrection of grief and a revival of ecstasy.
The spaces in between.
I study my heart to learn how to show up every day. I study the nervous system to see how we can connect like mycelium, healing through neuroplasticity. I study kink to find a portal to “let go” in.
Feels like there, I start to remember something timeless. A fountain of safe love, I never would have thought was waiting.
As someone feeling forced to be a certain way to be seen and heard all of my life, surrendering to submission felt warm. Tender. Raw.
There’s no where to hide, when you let down your walls.
Teaches me how to trust.
How to heal.
How to listen to my body.
I chose this song, an original of my own, to help me heal from old toxic relationship patterns. Staying places where I have to dim my lights or sacrifice the love and worship but I crave, desire, and fucking deserve.
My heart is full of love. An avalanche. A tsunami.
Thanking every mirror in my life:
breaking me open again and again, until I’m nothing but a seed. – Moon Queen

Original Music: Sarah White

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