Creative Director | Badass Bitch
I was raised in a conservative evangelical christian home, where I learned from a young age to hide all things sensual and sexual. I grew up believing that sex was something we didn’t speak of, but that on the other hand it was something wild, exciting, and a pathway to sure HELL FIRE.

I wanted to be sexy, enticing, and “pure.” Fast forward to my mid thirties: post- religious deconstruction, open marriage, and divorce. I began reclaiming my own sensual power, through pleasure.

I took another look into the world of porn for some solo sex inspiration, and was left feeling incredibly bummed out. I wanted to find something that connected with my own turn ons, my own passions, and, quite frankly, my humanity.

I wanted the opportunity to feel connected. With my growing oneness with myself. I began thinking,

“I could make porn.”
So I began filming ‘sensuality shorts’ with friends who had also discovered their own innate power of sensuality. This was life changing. A true honor to capture the aliveness of the human body and the joy of pleasure.

I awoke to what was possible. Humanity in porn.

Within just a few months, the serendipitous nature of the universe brought the Erawtica team together. Sharing similar upbringings and conditionings, we quickly bonded over the possibility of another way.

Working with our growing network of collaborators, we bring unique talents and turn ons, allowing us to make magic.

We’ve seen the restrictive, oppressive, and subjugated world of sexuality that’s been sold to us for generations, and we are done taking part in any of it!

Join us and enjoy art, made better.