We know it can be a scary world for content creators. We’ve heard story after story of creators being lied to, disrespected, and abused. We decided when entering this sacred community that we must be held accountable for how we show up, and for the space we hold for our collaborators. Transparent communication, enthusiastic consent, and the ethical treatment of all bodies are at the very heart of what we do.

Representation and Reparation

Erawtica is committed to antiracism and fierce advocacy for all people. Creating art for and with those whose bodies and voices have been under-represented, misrepresented, marginalized, and silenced. We pay reparation rates for our BIPOC, TRANS, and DISABLED collaborators, and fair wages for all.

enthusiastic consent

We understand it takes vulnerability to enter this space, and we honor each person’s journey. We believe everyone deserves to be seen and heard and humanized. The art we create is driven by our collaborators, as they embrace their own turn ons across the vast spectrum of human pleasure. We are about authentic human connection and being so our collaborators choose their film partner(s).